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There are currently 13  entries in the Services and Procedures wiki.

Welcome to WIKI Public Sector Services and Processes

Wiki is a knowledge base that is continuously enriched with new public sector services. It was created by the Organization of Open Technologies (EELLAK), and it works with the model of customization as well as wikipedia. Executives from public entities structured the services they provide to all kinds of traders as well as the procedures followed until the complete provision of each service. Each service is a wikipedia-based entry that contains in the official title of the service, a brief description, relevant legislation in which it is documented, a table with the necessary forms and / or electronic forms, a table with the procedures for providing the step and any co-competent administrative units.

The wiki is intended for use by citizens and civil servants who are responsible for the processes and implement the services offered by the organization to which they belong. The purpose of recording the procedures is to lead to better information for citizens and the elimination of the inconvenience they often experience in their conciliation with public services and to better co-ordination of similar public services so that the same services are offered through the same procedures throughout territory.

At the same time, structured and public records will lead to simplifying procedures, reducing bureaucracy and increasing public sector performance. Lastly, we aspire to contribute to the transition from manual to electronic processes.

What is and how can I use it?

More information on using the wiki can be found in the links: New Users and User Manual. All wiki content is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA.

All templates, lemms and multimedia (images, videos, sounds) that are not related to public domain services and processes and appear in this wiki, are the source of Greek and English Wikipedia.