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There are currently 13  entries in the Services and Procedures wiki.

Welcome to the WIKI of Public Sector Services and Procedures

Wiki is a knowledge base that contains a limited number of public sector services. It was created in 2015 by the Open Technologies Alliance(GFOSS) in cooperation with the open-governance group  [1]  of ICCS (, and it follows the model of crowdsourcing like wikipedia. Public sector employees document in a structured way the services they provide in the course of their normal duties, as well as the procedures followed until the complete delivery of each service. Each service is a wiki-based entry that contains: the official title of the service, a brief description of the service, all relevant legislation governing the service, a table with the required paper and/or electronic forms, a table with the step-by-step procedures followed in providing the service, any co-responsible administrative units and the registries updated upon the provision of the service.

The wiki is intended for use by citizens and public servants who are responsible for the delivery of the services offered by their administrative unit. The purpose of documenting the procedures is to make the information easily accessible to the citizens, to eliminate the inconvenience citizens often experience in dealing with the public sector, and to help administrative units in providing the same services in the same way throughout the Greek public sector.

At the same time, the structured documentation of the procedures in a public forum will hopefully contribute to their simplification over time, reducing bureaucracy and increasing public sector efficiency and performance. Lastly, we aspire to contribute to the efficient transition from manual to digital service provision. was upgraded based on these five studies.

What is and how can I use it?

More information on using the wiki can be found in the links: New Users and User Manual. All wiki content is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA.

All templates, lemms and multimedia (images, videos, sounds) that are not related to public domain services and processes and appear in this wiki, are the source of Greek and English Wikipedia.