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In the framework of the actions of the Open Government of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (LPG) ( we develop for the registration of services provided by public administration bodies. The wiki is a free-to-open open source software with a 20 year history in the IT field with an emphasis on content management. Based on the wiki, the world's largest and most comprehensive online encyclopedia, wikipedia, and its Greek-speaking version has been developed.

At we have already registered over 800 services from Regions, Municipalities and other agencies, we suggest that you organize a registration learning seminar by suggesting a member of each of your Institutions' Departments to be trained to register and improve service records at

The executives who will participate should:

  • Have a good knowledge of computer use and word processing
  • Very good knowledge of the processes of providing at least one of their popular address management services.

Participants should bring with them in the seminar in electronic form at least one registered service of their organization that will include:

  • its legal framework (Government Gazette, PD, and other relevant decisions),
  • the required supporting documents,
  • the costs and times required to complete the service
  • the steps taken to provide the service
  • the roles of the relevant units and executives involved in its provision
  • any other services involved; and
  • Registers updated with the provision of the service

The purpose of the seminars is to educate executives of the administration in the writing and updating of entries concerning the services provided by each institution. 'You can see a sample of registered processes Here </ u>

The tutorial on wiki services and procedures

The basic structure of the seminar includes an analysis of the basic principles of the project, a specialized presentation of the software and its use, and a record lab with the services of the organization. All participants should register at least one service. Anyone who has written or contributed to an entry on wikipedia can easily do one entry at For additional information, anyone interested can read the 'introductory instructions' to write entries to the wiki services and procedures. Also in AF% CE% B4% CE% B1 home page More information about the services registration is available.

Additional Information

For more details on the seminar see 'recommended program' '. To organize a seminar for your organization ', send a request to:'

Electronic Seminar on Distance learning of

The four-hour training course entitled " Educational material for the learning of has been developed in the EKL / LAC e-learning platform '.

The steps to subscribe to are as follows:

  1. Create a platform account. Open a browser and go to
  2. Tap Log in (top right)
  3. Type a username you selected (your e-mail address may be) and a password, and then click Log In
  4. Fill in your profile details (those with * are required), and press the blue Update button
  5. Click on the top left to go to the homepage of the platform and scroll down to the list of available courses, one of which is the 'Educational material for the learning of' '.
  6. Tap on the title of the lesson. Scroll down the Enrolment Options page and press the blue Enrol me button.

By the sixth step you have completed your enrollment in the online lesson and you can use the training material, including detailed instructions, videos, external links, and quizzes. After the completion of the seminar a monitoring certificate is provided through the platform.